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Hey labby, if you’re done chatting to him, listen baby! :”> :) aand, if ever, call me. I’ve been waiting for your call :D

Hii labby :”)

Labby, 5 Months and 2 Days

5 months and 2 days na tayo babeh babes! :”> heeeheee :’) ❤
I love you!


Labby! Its the day after our monthsary! :> pero i always feel like celebrating baby! :”) :D lets have a great day babe :*


We are voice acting rye naoooo :”“”> :D :)

Good morning!

Hey labby, its the morning of our monthsary! :”) makahappy na grabe mo ka happy sa Tumblr blog. Hihi. :”“> lets have a great day baby! :*

Happy Monthsary Elica Hilda Cosca Dayanghirang, I love you :)

two hours to go and Paulica is 5 months :”>


Chuy and grabe lagi tong mga blogs sa tumblr babes noh? <3 masyadoo :”) hahaahah :> Happy Monthsary Elica Hilda Cosca Dayanghirang :”)